Corona Treater and Inline Printers

EAG is well known name in the field of Corona treaters with worldwide clients who are repeat buyers. The Corona treaters are assembled in Europe using only European components and are available in various sizes for the flexible packaging and converting industry. 


  • Single or both side treatment
  • Zero speed sensor to know if the web is broken
  • Ozone extractor blower included
  • Single phase or three phase voltage and are designed to be used worldwide
  • 50 or 60 Hz frequency
  • Potentiometer to control the power/treatment level
  • Output current indicator
  • Audio alarm for short circuit, broken web or no output etc.
  • Auto power cut-off in case of any alarms
  • Oil cooled high voltage transformer with option for air cooled.
Blown film line, Cast film lines, Sheet lines, Label Printing, Lamination, Printing presses etc.

Inline Flexo printers are good for single color printing and is widely used to print the brand names and logo right at the Blown film line. It eliminates the secondary printing process and helps in saving time and money. You don’t have to occupy your main printing press for such small prints. The printing quality is good but has some limitations.

These printers can be installed on the available machine structure or an independent structure can be added to accommodate multiple printers in case wide width print is required. The printers are divided in to two categories. For low speed small printing jobs the web driven printers works well but if the printing width is over 20″ then it is recommended to go for the Driven printers. The advantage with the driven printers is that they can be synchronized with the machine speed and also work well at high speeds.